Homeland Security secretary’s stance on Cuban refugees reeks of hypocrisy | Letter

Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another.

There’s no better example than Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who was born in Cuba and fled to the U.S. with his family after the Cuban Revolution but now vehemently denies Cubans entrance to the United States. He has served notice to Cubans in every imaginable way that they will be turned back if they attempt entry.

This is akin to stomping on someone’s fingers as they clinging for survival on the edge of a cliff. The Coast Guard is patrolling the seas between Cuba and Florida and has been instructed to reject any attempt by refugees to advance to our shores. Mayorkas’s reasoning is insane: “It’s too dangerous”. Really?

His agency is totally on board with immigrants coming thousands of miles from Central America in scorching heat, some of which have died during the trek but they are willing to endure the risks.

Likewise for Cubans. They are willing to fight perilous shark-infested waters in makeshift rafts in a desperate lunge for freedom. Cuban citizens are, beyond a doubt, oppressed and live in daily fear of a tyrannical government. They are seeking legitimate asylum, which the United States has always pandered to, yet we reject their cries for help.

One can only assume that this is based on the projected number of votes to be given in future elections and to which party. Paul Revere still lives. Just look to the steeple of the Old North Church and two lanterns would indicate they are arriving by sea and they must be rejected, even though they wave not the British flag but rather the stars and stripes of Old Glory. How sad.

Barry Smith

Lower Saucon Township