Best Things To Do In Thailand For Travellers (Part 2)

Continue the previous post about the best things to do when having a trip in Thailand, this time Asian Marvels will illustrate other activities which could be the considerations for tourists.

6.   Eat the street food

Thailand is the nation of many kinds of street food. Almost every big street, in any city, has plentiful of stalls selling their wares. A very interesting point of Thais is that eating outside is part of their frequent activities since the cost of eating out is quite low compared to cooking at home. The cuisine of Thailand is diverse. The famous ones are Pad Thai, Som Tam or grilled meet. The stores are available almost any time of the day which is very convenient for visitors.

Pad Thai

Som Tam


7.   Go diving

Exploring the sea is always one of the most fabulous things that people want to experience. Come to Thailand, tourists have a chance to immerse themselves in the deep clean sea and witness the life of various species. Koh Lanta, a beautiful island with only 20 km length contains several dive shops for tourists. According to the recommendations from experienced travellers, the most beautiful dive sites are Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.

Diving is always the experience that no one wants to miss


8.   Join the festivals

Festival is the unique culture of any nation and Thailand is not an exception. If tourists come to Thailand in the festival seasons, they can have the chance to take part in the festivals of the countries. The most interesting festivals are Songkran (in which people can play water fight to start a new year), the ghost festival called Phi Ta Khon which is held in June/July annually or Loi Krathong in the twelfth lunar month to celebrate the Goddess of Water.

Loi Krathong-a famous festival in Thailand


9.   Have a night life

If you are tired of the physical activities in day and want to take a break at night, the following suggestions could change your mind. Being a city of tourism, the night life in Bangkok or Chiang Mai is even more dynamic than the day. Tourists have plentiful of choices when the night comes. They could choose a high place to witness the whole city with a cocktail, enjoy the amazing music and wine in several clubs or visit the night market with unique stuffs. And several other activities which visitors and explore.

An amazing night from the rooftop bar

Dynamic night clubs

Night market in Bangkok


10. Experience the peaceful atmosphere of Pai

Aside from the amazing night life in big cities, many of the travellers had a really relaxing moment when they come to Pai. Totally different from the dynamic and effervescent life in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Pai gives the visitors a truly peaceful, quiet and beautiful space. This used to be a village of Thailand but is turning into a good destination for tourist to relax. The town is suitable for those who want to experience the romantic places which are away from the noise of the big cities. Couples could have their unforgettable moments if they choose to stay in Pai.

Pai is a romantic destination


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