N.J. GOP nominee speaks truth on why moral lessons ought to be left to parents | Letter

The Republican nominee for New Jersey governor spoke about the LGBTQ populace in a way that does not happen in polite conversation. (“Murphy blasts Ciattarelli over comments on LGBTQ lessons,” Friday, July 16). But only a dedicated Christian politician would stick his neck out that far, knowing that public reprisals would follow from the LGBTQ community.

In the article, Jack Ciattarelli is referring to the possible indoctrination of grade school children to the LGBTQ agenda. He clarified that he is expressing his concern about “mature content being taught to young children.” Ciattarelli is probably aware that parents are the primary teachers of “mature (moral) content” to children. The public grade school systems have no right to instruct children on matters of morality. Public grade schools are designed only to teach grade school children the three R’s. That is, reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. These skills are found in St. Augustine’s Confessions: “learning to read, and write, and do arithmetic.”

Ciatarelli’s way with words is not polite, but the whole truth of any matter can be uncomfortable. Grade school children are too young to have public schools teach only one side of any moral issue. Parents have a much more invested interest to monitor all sides of a moral issue apart from the biased influence of public school agendas.

Dan Pryor