Pa. reps ignoring the need to provide property tax relief for seniors | Letter

Pennsylvania representatives continue to hide from supporting property and school tax relief for seniors under the umbrella of “seeking relief for all homeowners,” knowing that isn’t possible due to the high cost of raising other taxes to support that theory.

Even though most agree that these taxes should be eliminated for senior citizens on fixed incomes, due the cost to replace that money, for everyone else it would be a minor tax increase and not discriminatory. Everyone will eventually become senior citizens on fixed incomes.

In the last year I have watched two elderly widows lose their homes due to property tax burdens and oblivious children. The home they built for future equity security with dedicated mortgage payments for over 30 years became an equity death trap which increased every year.

How can legislators reasonably argue the same property tax burden imposed on working homeowners can also be borne when they can no longer work, have increased inevitable debt for health and aging issues, and when their only income is Social Security and sometimes a meager pension annuity?

I recently emailed Pennsylvania Rep. Ann Flood about this issue and didn’t even receive a courtesy reply, even though I received her prior mailing email of her report for July which, not surprisingly included criticism of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. Former Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Marcia Hahn did about the same.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Ron Pizarie

East Allen Township