Republicans not under attack despite columnist’s assertion | Letter

Gary Abernathy published a partisan opinion that somehow Trump voters and supporters are being singled out and picked on unfairly. While they certainly can believe any conspiracy theory they choose, no one is singling them out.

He asks for the same understanding and respect that was not extended to Democrats. He states they are insulted by being “accused of believing a ‘big lie,’ and by the implication that they are violent, or traitors, or mindless sheep — racist sheep.”

He continues on to state that supporters are fed up with the insults, and bristle at the characterization as followers. Perhaps I missed his rebuttal to “Cult 45ers” characterizing Democrats as left-wing communists trying to destroy the nation.

He somehow feels Trump followers deserve respect and an olive branch from the winners of the election. They have had multiple attempts to present evidence of voter fraud but have none.

Concerning his resentment of being labeled traitors, Trump’s followers did assault the Capitol after Trump urged them to congregate there. Despite the attempted rebranding as a “peaceful love fest,” it was in fact an assault on democracy and the halls of government. He resents the insurrectionists for becoming a characterization of the Republican Party.

The insinuation isn’t that they represent the entire GOP, but the fact is those elected officials refused to support an investigation into the insurrection, hence guilt by association. If Abernathy or Trump’s followers had any actual desire to work together for a better America, they should reach out using that desire.

I, nor anyone, has seen that from Republicans, so why should Democrats?

Robert Wesley

Washington Township