The same media that couldn’t stop criticizing Trump is giving Biden a pass | Letter

It is obvious to any fair-minded citizen who pays attention to national news coverage of our current president versus our previous president that Biden gets pretty much a pass... always.

April’s inflation rate was the highest in 13 years. It was 4.2% higher than last April. Any of us who lived through the Jimmy Carter presidency remembers how devastating high inflation can be.

This April’s unemployment rate was 6.1% higher than last April. Many unemployed folks make more by staying home due to the $300 a week Washington is providing in addition to their state unemployment. A reporter recently asked Biden if he thought that this was the reason and he simply said no with no explanation.

Biden’s open border policy is causing so many problems for the border patrol agency and the country as a whole. This April had 178,622 more border encounters than last April. Of them, 17,000 were unaccompanied minors who we must now care for. Remember when all you saw on the news was “Trump puts minors in cages?” Haven’t heard it this time.

People from all over the world are pouring across the southern border from countries that have a low vaccination rate for COVID-19. They are being put up in hotels and being sent all over our country. God knows how many are sick and being sent out into society.

I have stats on the national debt and on gas prices, but will have to wait to write about them for issues of brevity. All I can say now is they are not good at all.

As our nation spirals down, we hear little criticism from the mainstream media. Please pray for our country and speak up if you feel the need.

Ernie Maso

White Township